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Mikes garden in 2013

LH half of patio

Taken 20/7/13 - LH half of patio outside my lounge - full sun, dawn till about 3 pm.
Plants - from fence to camera:
a) on fence - 5 different Clematis
b) at base - Gypsophia, Diascia x 2, Verbascum (yellow-middle), Verbena x 2, Nemesia x 2, Biden x 2 (in brown tubs either side) Grass
c) group of pots near window behind ramp: Cerinthe, Geranium (pink), Begonia (red), Golden Jasmine
d) pots by Rh wall: Lilies [yellow-extreme RH], Argyranthemum [yellow daisy], Salvia [tall blue], Dianthus [short mauve],
e) very bottom L - Pelargonium

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