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Photo Contributor: George Kelly Location: Co Down N Ireland

Photo No. 1

Rockery and Borders

Photo No. 2

Site for a water feature

Photo No. 3

Front view of Pond

Photo No. 4

Sweeping Lawn and Herbacious Borders

Photo No. 5

Simon and Jake in the sweeping lawn in 1998

Photo No. 6

Laburnam Walk from Sweep

Photo No. 7

Side Garden

Photo No. 8

Side Garden-Foliage effect

Photo No. 9

A one year old garden

Photo No. 10

Foliage Plants and dog

Photo No. 11

Foliage effect. Acer, Conifer and Hebe

Photo No. 12

A Heart shaped sunbathing area.

Photo No. 13

The Heart exit, left and right of point.

Photo No. 14

The heart-Right of exit.

Photo No. 15

Foliage Plants (Patio)

Photo No. 16


Photo No. 17

Acer Seedlings

Photo No. 18


Photo No. 19

Plant Profile - Fuchsia

Photo No. 20

Herbacious Border

Photo No. 21

Plant Profile - Winter Jasmine

Photo No. 22

Border Annuals in bloom

Photo No. 23

Hankerchief tree+ Blue Hydrangea

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