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Best Plants

On this page you’ll find links to listings of best plants and plants grown by users of our Ideas Genie software.

I’ve selected 100 of the best plants I’ve grown, with my own personal remarks on each plant.
My Top 100  

More Photos? Read about Best Plants on CD

Coming up Next
The “Garden Answers” 100 Best plants for your garden.
This was a supplement booklet free with the issue of Garden Answers Magazine.
I’m delighted to announce that I was given special permission to use this listing on my web site, and in my Ideas Genie database, by the editor.

Best Plants for YOUR location
We would be very pleased to hear about your best plants.
To make it interesting, we’d like to hear from visitors from different countries and regions.

Please send us an email to establish communications. We can proceed from there.

email for this project:-

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