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Working with folders


Web site last updated: 4th November 2010

This User Guide is provided for users of our software, and for personal use only.
As such, it is very much an “unofficial” document.

About this Guide
The screenshots and hints are specifically to help users feel confident when performing the many tasks that are required to use our software to full advantage.
Two common examples are making backups and working with photos.

In my product support role I have found that Working with folders is a very big grey area for many users.

This Guide set out to explain how to find your way around your computer, how to locate your precious data, how to do backups, and how (in the event of a disaster) to restore your data.

Working with folders
You can work with the folders on your computer using two programs:

  • My Computer
  • Windows explorer

This web site attempts to explain how to use Windows Explorer


1 - The Basics

This page discusses Nodes, icons and how to open folders

2 - Folder Views

Folder Views
You have a number of options to choose how to display folders and files using Windows Explorer.
This exercise explains the options

Note: For the remainder of this Guide, I shall use: the Details setting

3 - Where to start

To explore your hard disc and external discs, you may find it easier to start at the root level. This single screenshot is a combination of four screens showing the root level and how to collapse nodes to get there.

4. The essentials

The essentials:

  • Creating a new folder
  • Renaming a folder
  • Deleting a folder































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